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Rules of Ninja X Nation Forums

Post by Admin on Tue Nov 10, 2015 1:47 pm

Rule #1 Get your weekly resource cap in the clan citadel.
Rule #2 There will no advertising of other clans or clan forums in this forum. This will result in permanent ban.
Rule #3 When flipping items from my list, do not cut the prices, follow what the prices are on the list.
Rule #4 When flipping, it takes patience, if you don't have patience, don't flip, you may use +25k/-25k every half hour if there is no buys or sells.
Rule #5 When flipping, report all completed transactions to the appropriate topic/forum, including buy/sell price how long it took and how many times you used the 25k rule.
Rule #6 All items go by 25s ie: 100k 125k 150k 175k 200k.....1500k 1525k 1550k 1575k 1600k...12000k 12025k 12050k 12075k 12100k.
Rule #7 Breaking these flipping rules can result in permanent ban from viewing the PC lists.

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